Why Happy Foie Gras?

Animal cruelty by stuffing ducks and geese

The term foie gras is French and means fatty liver. Foie gras, or foie gras, is a luxurious food made from the livers of ducks and geese. What makes it special, which also accounts for its subtly nutty and delicately creamy taste, is the very high fat content of the livers. This extraordinary fat content is achieved by force-feeding the animals for a period of 12 - 21 days with approx. 0.8 - 1.0 kg of feed per day by stuffing. This corresponds to about 14 kg of noodles per day calculated for an average person. This results in an enlarged fatty liver, as is also the case with overweight people.

Foie gras is available as a raw, pure liver variant and as a processed bloc variant.

By the force-feeding the animals are mechanically tortured and by the massive overweight in the consequence among other things also metabolically ill.

Happy Foie Gras

Happy Foie Gras is therefore

- Equal in taste
This is shown by various blind tastings and feedback from many star chefs, who can now offer foie gras in their restaurants again with Happy Foie Gras.
- Healthier
Only certified organic ingredients are used. This is not possible with foie gras due to the force-feeding process. The animals were not under stress during the rearing process. As a result, there are significantly fewer stress hormones than in conventional foie gras.
- Ethically sound
No force-feeding, instead certified organic rearing of the animals whose livers we process for Happy Foie Gras.

This makes our Happy Foie Gras a great new alternative for gourmets who also like to listen to their conscience.

What makes Happy Foie Gras